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The Loudon terminal has selected Ron Easter as the Employee of the Month. Ron has been driving for TSC for the past 12 years and is a member of the 1,300,000 Mile Club. Ron and his wife, Kathy, met in the Marine Corps and have been married for 28 years. They have two children, Jennifer (22 years old) and Stewart (19 years old). Both Stewart and Jennifer are students at the University of Tennessee. Ron's other interests include all type of motor sports. When Ron speaks of Transport Service, he quotes the old Navy motto, "It's not just a job, it's an adventure".

Congratulations, Ron, on being the Employee of the Month and for doing a tremendous job!

The Memphis terminal has selected tank cleaner, Neil Flynn, as the Employee of the Month. Neil joined TSC in October 2001 and is a member of the 2,000 Hour Club. He is an exceptional employee and an important part of the Memphis team. Neil does his best to ensure all trailers are cleaned properly and on a timely basis. When our liquid sugar business accelerated, he stepped up to the plate until we could locate and hire another tank cleaner for assistance. Neil and his fiance, Shawana Hubbard, reside in Memphis, TN and have three lovely children: Amire, Chyna and Neil, Jr. During his spare time Neil enjoys basketball and swimming. Sometime in the future, he aspires to be a professional driver for TSC.

Congratulations, Neil, and thanks for your dedication!

The Geismar terminal is proud to announce driver, Sam Ridgeway, as the Chemical Division Employee of the Month. Sam is a member of the 700,000 Mile Club and has been employed by Transport Service Co. since May 1994. Sam has several hobbies: fishing, collecting coins, hats and patches. He is also a Nascar racing fan. Sam's attitude, service and hard work are outstanding. On behalf of everyone at the Geismar terminal, we would like to commend Sam for a job well done.

Congratulations, Sam, and keep up the good work!

The Plaquemine terminal is pleased to announce Ken Freeman and Robert Hudson as the Employees of the Month. Ken and Bob have been running team for over five years and have 500,000 safe miles and have never been late on a load. Their professionalism, as well as punctuality, is outstanding. Ken resides in Centreville, MS with his wife, Susan. Ken and Susan have been married 19 years and have a 14-year-old son, Devin. Ken really enjoys playing golf and attending his son's football and baseball games, as well as relaxing at home with the family. When asked what Ken enjoyed most about driving, he responded,"The view of the West". He enjoys seeing the countryside and admits that he would not have that chance if he were not a truck driver. Bob lives in Ocean Springs, MS with his wife, Marnie, of 15 years. Bob and Marnie have a 14-year-old daughter, Sara. Bob spends his time away from the wheel with his family. His hobbies include swimming, biking and reading. When Bob was asked what he enjoyed most about driving, his response was getting a paycheck. Well, we know who missed their chance at comedic stardom. Both men are very serious and dedicated when it comes to being professional truck drivers. In addition to their determination to get to the customer on-time and safely, they both have remarkable dispositions. The Plaquemine terminal is very proud to have this team be a part of our team.

Congratulations Ken and Bob...keep on trucking.