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TSC has been recognized as having one of the top safety programs in the industry. This recognition has come from both industry organizations and insurance companies. Two trade organizations sponsor awards which recognize safety in the tank truck carrier industry: The National Tank Truck Carriers Association and the American Trucking Association.

The success of TSC safety programs are evidenced by accident rates which are significantly below the averages for both the trucking industry in general as well as for tank truck carriers. TSC has limited its DOT recordable accident rate to approximately 0.6 per 1.0 million miles or below for over 30 years.

Management believes that safety begins with the hiring and initial training processes. Required driver qualifications include one year of driving experience, a safe driving record for the last 3 years and 24 years of age. Initial interviews are conducted by the manager and are followed by a complete physical examination and substance abuse testing. TSC also checks the applicant's previous background.


After acceptance, applicants are required to complete an intensive training program, which is under the direction of TSC's Director of Training and includes both classroom/yard sessions and student trips. Classroom training includes such topics as defensive driving techniques, DOT hours of service requirements, drug and alcohol abuse, log book instruction, accident and spill reporting, proper loading and unloading techniques, equipment security and TSC policies and procedures. Upon successful completion of this training, the applicant is assigned to duty. The initial training is also supported by a continuing education program to ensure that drivers maintain their knowledge and skill.

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